HPA gives Berbera Regional Hospital new ambulance

The UK-based Health Poverty Action (HPA) purchased a new ambulance for Berbera Regional Hospital. The ambulance  serves the Berbera area and gets referrals from outskirts up to 15 miles away.  Since Berbera gets many road accidents from trucks traveling to Haregeisa and to various places from the port – a quality ambulance is important.  Deaths from childbirth and other maternal-related morbidities can also be addressed faster. (photos of the new and the old ambulance below).  Challenges exists in the sandier areas and places where the ambulances cannot go because there are no drivable roads.  Even if the transport distance is short, the conditions of the driving can make the time considerably longer than expected – which can result in worse outcomes for the patient and more wear and tear on the vehicles.

New Ambulance for Berbera Regional Hospital from HPA

Berbera Regional Hospital Staff with New Ambulance from HPA

The previous ambulance was a used donation without much of the important equipment necessary in an ambulance, like suction, oxygen….etc.  Though the ambulance drivers had been trained in basic first aid and CPR, it was difficult for them to help the patients they transferred.

Interior of Berbera Regional Hospital's older ambulance

Interior of Berbera Regional Hospital’s older ambulance

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